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“Not yet. But Deca came back once.” The Bureau Chief replied, “Deca said that they have successfully arrived on Silver-blue super-planet. I reckon with Dali’s luck, he should be having quite a fun time there.”


No longer infatuated, Jiang Qianxue was once again calm. She picked up a book and, as she flipped through the pages, she asked Hong Dali, Since I already know what I need to do, then our relationship as experimental lovers


“Brat, why didn’t you go challenge the Tower of Trials? Why did you buy so many things?” Tang Long appeared from the space watch, rested. Previously, he had not thought of asking Hong Dali to attempt the Tower of Trials. In his mind, he thought that Hong Dali would at most be able to get past twenty or so levels. When he saw all the things hong Dali put in his room, he was immediately curious.


“That’s true.” The mysterious man nodded. To be honest, he was also very worried. After all, the Galaxy Alliance regarded the Zerg as their biggest enemy, which went to show just how strong the Zerg were. Earth’s current technology could only be regarded as that of a Level Three or Four civilization. Although they had the High-Energy Electronic Collision Machine, it had yet to be proven in battle. The weapons to be used with it had also not been developed yet, so the only weapon they could use against the Zerg were nuclear bombs. However, the power of the nuclear bomb…


This was a tiger that had mutated from eating Dali beans. It was five-meters-long, about the size of a medium-sized car. Hong Dali had cheekily clad it in a full suit of armor fully embedded with attribute gems!


“Big Grandfather adores me too much to do that.” Little Bai Hechou’s only had 10 years of lifespan, so he grew very quickly. Now, he already had the intelligence of a six-year-old child. While pulling Wang Daoming’s beard, he laughed and said, “Big Grandfather, Aunt Xiao Yi called me just now. She said that she made new progress and intends to experiment on me, hehe.”

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The Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine was poured into the jade bowl. Sure enough, the golden Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine glowed brightly as it swished in the jade bowl in the soft lighting. Mister Gate drank it in one gulp, laughing. “Interesting, wahahaha, interesting! Kid, continue talking!”


He slowly said, My new son seems very playful, but hes not as simple as he looks. I dont know if he really got these shops to squander, but he always seems to be on the right rhythm of things. That is powerful, very powerful! Not anyone can do that.


He was the first in the shop. On the other side, several people rushed toward the armor. After all, the real value of the armor depended on the embedded gems. Hence, the level of the gems was very important.


Ahahaha. Zhang Yi, the Zerg Queen blushed and laughed dryly. Indeed, theres not much left


Otherwise, if Tang Muxin found out and fought with her, resulting in Jiang Qianxue getting angry and blowing the Earth up—f**k, all his hairs were standing up, that’s a terrifying thought!


This was prodigal speech. Everyone who came here with Hong Dali from Earth knew what was coming next and started moving away. Tang Muxin brought Li Nianwei and Jiang Qianxue aside. Jiang Qianxue was a little hesitant and reminded her. Xinxin, Dali is going to squander again. The previous shops were still acceptable, but this one


Squander, Hong Dali answered matter-of-factly. Its meaningless to take over a shop that is profiting. If I have to take over a shop, I will take over the one with the most loses and do the most losing business. That is called squandering!



This lackey is really powerful, even his moves are so full of character. I think he must be at least a Third Order Planet Warrior! They must be the princesses of some rich and powerful family? They have such powerful lackeys with them?



After all, many of these shops were running small businesses with low gains. If they managed to earn a few hundred Galaxy Dollars a day, their business would already be considered prosperous. If they managed to get such a beautiful weapon, it would be enough to cover their earnings for a couple of days!


“Test it out on some random person?” Jiang Qianxue thought about it. Men and women obviously thought about problems differently. Hong Dali was thinking that Jiang Qianxue should find someone really flawed to have an experimental relationship with. Then, when she realized that being in a relationship was not all that fun, perhaps she would not be so persistent. However, what Jiang Qianxue thought was, if she was going to be in a relationship, then she had to do it seriously. She would treat the person as her true love…


“I don’t want to either!” Qianxue said helplessly, “But you are the only person I can talk to! I’m a Galaxy Aristocrat, ordinary people would be too scared to do anything like that with me. If I ask another Galaxy Aristocrat, what if they think I really want to marry them?! If that happens, I will never be able to explain myself! You are my last resort…”

  • Okay! Galleon gritted his teeth. Thirty-six million it will be then! Installments are fine too! If the opportunity passed, there would not be another. If this prodigal refused to buy his land, it would be impossible for him to find another buyer within the next one and a half months. Even if he did, the price would not be much better. He might as well sell it as soon as possible and get peace of mind.
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